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Discover how to increase your clients and how to cultivate the loyalty of the ones you already have.

Are you looking for new ways to attract clients and improve your business?

We give you the keys.

OK Located is the perfect tool to exceed your business expectations using the effective techniques we have at your disposal.

From OK Located we offer a new concept of interactive commerce focused to clients, offering them promotions, offers and discounts when passing near the shops, without having to access them to know the interesting products that they offer us. This gives the customer a rewarding shopping experience, and to the trade virtual store windows that will increase their sales.

Nowadays Electronic Commerce has become a great rival for traditional commerce. From OK Located we combine and innovate the new technologies so that your business can be Digitalised and have a greater visibility.

Clients are constantly looking for the best deals and opportunities, so instead of spending your budget on Marketing and Advertising, you can focus it directly on the clients, providing them an additional stimulus to get your business going.


Improve your business thanks to the Interactive Marketing of Proximity and to the Bluetooth 4.0 technology. Take your potential clients at the most ideal time for sale.


If your business is dedicated to hotel management or general leisure, our tool can make your firm known and grow your income for a very low cost.


If you are a professional or a company outside a commercial area, you can also reach your clients.


Discover how to organize games and competitions that allow you to attract clients to your area of influence and make known your business.

#Commerce 3.0

Reach your clients and make your sales grow.

Advantages to commerce:

  • Increase in sales and profits.

  • Creation of new business opportunities.

  • Innovative ways to contact with consumers.

  • Emotional and personal impact generating momentum purchases.

  • Increase of competitiveness and quality of service.

  • You will have the best offers and exclusive promotions only in the adhered shops.

  • Bluetooth 4.0 operation in both indoor and narrow streets as well as outdoors.

  • Attracting new clients and loyalty of the old ones.

  • Wide spread of your business through social networks.

#Leisure 3.0

Facilitate now with OK Located the expansion of your business.

  • We offer you different ideas to attract new clients and loyalty to the ones you already have.

  • We want customers to be satisfied. That is why there is a need to create offers that encourage the customers to consume your products.

Would you like customers to have the menu available on your mobile phone even before entering the establishment?

  • Become easily the new trendy bar, that place everyone talks about.

  • Make the customer feel comfortable so that he returns as soon as possible.

  • Prepare special offers for football days or choose one day a week at a specific time to invite your clients to a free tapa with the drink.

  • Trust us for the spreading of these and as many offers as you want to propose.

Through the palate one conquers a person, with the promotions they get clients.

  • Shuffle different Marketing 3.0 strategies that generate a positive response of all the senses and that cause an emotional impact on the user.

  • Let know that your business serves quality at a good price.

  • Do not forget that satisfied customers means "I want to go back there" and also share it with others in Social Networks.

Make the difference. We help you to do it.

  • Upload the offers or promotions that you want to launch at any time to our APP thus achieving a quick and effective spreading to customers on their Smartphones.

  • It is time to talk about yourself, to establish a direct conversation with the client and make him a participant.

    Loyal customers with 2 × 1 offers, “Happy Hour”, themed parties, contests, unexpected gifts.

  • Make customers who are in your establishment have fun participating and interacting with their favourite brand activities and promotions.

A good rest is half the task.

  • Today it is not enough to sell a room, but it is necessary to offer new experiences both in the hotel itself and in its surroundings.

  • You have to be imaginative, innovative, and plan a strategy to transmit experiences so that clients hire most of the services offered by the Hotel.

    (Restaurant, Shop, day trips, romantic nights, experience packages, etc.).

  • Make them become enthusiastic of that place, so that they consume and so they will be willing to share their experience with others.

  • It promotes different plans in the city offering experiences and creating emotions to the consumers, appealing to its 5 senses plus the 6th sense "The pocket".

  • As you walk through the city you will receive on your mobile the date, time and place of the event as well as promotions of purchase. This way shows, concerts, theaters and other events that take place become more visible to the client.

  • It promotes the experiences and alternatives that you can offer to the inhabitants of the city and tourists, thus providing unforgettable moments that they will wish to repeat.


The best professionals in your area are waiting for you !!!

Would you like to have the best professionals in your city?

  • Exclusive advantages for professionals and companies that are not located in your closest environment.

  • Do you need a professional service and you don’t know who to contact with?

    You can benefit from exclusive advantages for OK Located users.

  • Solve your problems whenever you need it.

    Find professionals in various subjects.

  • Professionals in your area, so you can have them close to you.


Cultivate the loyalty and attract new customers in an interactive way, making them participate with your brand or company.

Cultivate the loyalty and attract new customers in an interactive way, making them participate with your brand or company.

  • You can make as many games or competitions as you can imagine, based on making certain routes, tracks searching, etc.

  • We invite to enjoy leisure among friends, family, colleagues, groups, even motivation games for work teams.

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