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You have promotions, discounts and great exclusive offers that you will find surprisingly with special advantages for you, in all the affiliated establishments, only walking the vicinity of these.


Enjoy the best plans that your city has to offer in restaurants, bars, cinemas, shows... and take advantage of special promotions and get great exclusive offers.


Explore your destination as if it were a great open-air museum, with all the places of tourist and cultural interest ready to be discovered in an interactive way as you approach them.

Flash offers

Learn about the best professional services (gyms, dentists, beauty salons, etc.) in your city. They will offer you exclusive advantages on their products or services for being a member of our platform.

Games and competitions

Take part in our fun games and competitions; you can win interesting rewards or prizes. Follow the clues that will lead you to them.


Get to know the citizen information of interest available to the local person or tourist visiting the city. Leisure and events, concerts, local festivals, cultural, social and gastronomic events, etc. will be at your fingertips.


Do you want the peace of mind of not losing anything?
Keys, suitcase, pet, etc.
We will help you find anything you lose.

What makes us different?

The use of Bluetooth technology in the platform prevents the battery from quickly draining, a substantial difference that apps that use GPS do not offer.

Also thanks to the Bluetooth technology you have 100% coverage both indoors and outdoors.

Using the platform will generate a fascinating experience by being interactive with your mobile phone, while you are walking around the vicinity, in a vehicle, bike or bus.

OK Located, brings added value being fundamentally a Global APP, geopositioning the user through Bluetooth sending information from anywhere; outdoors, indoors, garages, the underground, the mountain… compatible worldwide.

Shopping, Leisure and Flash Offers

This interactive platform is available at your fingertips through your mobile phone allowing you to shop in a fun way or enjoy the leisure and entertainment of the city in the world where you are, as well as hire the best professionals who are at your service.

You can get promotions, discounts and special offers in shops, restaurants, bars, etc. that are members of the platform and are available exclusively for OK Located users. They are waiting for you!

Exclusive advantages only when you want it without being invasive, you decide when to activate it at the time you want or always enjoy this or another service at the same time.

As you walk through the streets around you, you interact with local businesses and discover interesting discounts that you can use now or later, you’ll love the surprise factor.


On your mobile phone you will receive a message about the offer of the day, that week’s promotion or the special discount offered by the establishment for a limited time. They will appear the moment you pass by them.

“We are continuously growing for you, more and more cities and towns are joining the platform. If your town or establishment is not yet a member, I invite you to let us know, we will try to satisfy your needs as soon as possible”


Interactive Tourism for you, your group of friends or family, providing you with relevant information on cultural, historical, social and rural heritage with an innovative, technological and highly satisfactory experience for the tourist who immerses themselves in it, as well as offering visiting hours and opening times, ticket purchases, etc. This opens up a broad showcase of citizen visibility for travellers, tourists and explorers.



It offers a wide range of usability being compatible with the same platform anywhere in the world that we are already implemented, this means that users do not have to change App when they change city or tourist population or consumption needs at any time.



“Tourist Information” on monuments or places of historical interest, rural heritage on paths and trails and the social footprint of the place, the uses and customs of the city, town or country where you are; you will receive it all on your Smartphone.


Download OK Located now!

We offer you in your hand the interactive tourist guide, the exclusive promotions of shops and the leisure of today and tomorrow of your destination.


Interactive Tourism is a way of making cultural heritage known with an innovative, technological and satisfactory experience.


In terms of how it works, the platform allows users/tourists/visitors passing in the vicinity of the Bluetooth smart devices to receive automatic notifications in a successive and non-invasive way on their mobiles, only when they are within 50m of where the information arises. These notifications will provide useful cultural, social and commercial information about the town; monuments and sites with tourist relevance, as well as promotions and offers from its establishments, shops, restaurants, bars and local businesses.

The information is updated in real time and about the immediate surroundings


Through the mobile platform at your service, wherever you are, you will find information on leisure, fun, cultural, social and entertainment events that are going to be held soon in your immediate surroundings, as well as information on the beaches you visit

We implement a digital notice board at your disposal wherever you are. (Town Halls, squares, Universities, Institutes, Sports Centres, etc.).

You will be able to enjoy information about theatres, cinemas, concerts, festivals, services on beaches.

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Games and competitions

Participate, play and win with the fun of interactive outdoor games that you will have available through the OK Located platform and that are organised in your city, party or event.


Multiple activities to do with friends, family or alone with original formats depending on the roles to play, you can win trophies or gifts to complete the activity.


Always in real time from your mobile you will get the clues in a simple and playful way in treasure hunts, gymkhanas, shopping night, white night, etc. that we celebrate in your city.

“Gamifying the city where you live is our goal, you have the opportunity to enjoy it”


In addition, you will belong to a supportive community to locate lost items such as any object of your interest or your pet, all users of the platform become completely anonymous collaborators, without being invasive or bothering you in case you need help.

Keep everything under control at all times

By means of a small Bluetooth key-ring type device, it will allow you to find everyday objects that you may lose within a radius of action of about 50 metres, such as keys, wallet, backpack, suitcase, etc.

It will tell you how far away from you it is at any given moment

OK Located will automatically record the place and time of the last time it was near you. So if you forget it somewhere, you’ll know where to look first.


If you still can’t find it, the “Help” function makes all smartphones in the community search for it, creating an anonymous search alert. This function is 100% private, only you will know that you are looking for an item you lost.


The peace of mind of having your pet under control. Put the locator on its collar and stay calm. If it wanders away and gets lost, ask the community for help, if it passes near any user it will anonymously send you the location of your pet.


You will be a supportive collaborator in this community of help.

Real time location 24 hours a day and through your Smartphone

About us !!

Discover who we are and everything you have at your fingertips thanks to OK Located, don’t hesitate and download the app now.