Proximity Marketing

We extend your shop window by 50 metres on each side, turning it into a large virtual shop window

The star tool that allows you to interact with your customers when they are close to your business

Attract new customers and build loyalty with the ones you already have

Turn your establishment or business into a shop open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with OK Located. We will help you sell your products and services in a technological and digital way through users’ Smartphones and significantly increase the number of potential customers.

We offer innovative solutions through small smart devices that are placed in your establishment and interact with users through Interactive Proximity Marketing, offering promotions or personalised discounts for a specific time, boosting the development of Traditional Local Commerce in cities and towns.

The establishment will be able to create personalised offers, for the whole day or just for a few hours, deciding the period of validity and the offer at any given moment

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Shops and businesses with OK Located you will be able to offer your customers promotions, offers and discounts when they pass by any establishment so that they can find out about the interesting products and services you offer. Whether in a vehicle or on foot, they will receive your promotion of the day.

You invite them to take advantage of the promotion or discount, so they don’t miss the opportunity, generating impulse purchases, customer loyalty and increased sales.

Restaurants and bars in the city will be able to transmit and invite citizens and tourists to get to know them by sending push messages to their mobile phones with the gastronomic offer of the day, the menu, the invitation to the aperitif with the beer, etc. always in different languages. So they will be informed without having to enter the establishment or scan QR codes to know the menu, or having to touch anything.

From OK Located we make this task easier with the COVID-19 as it is not necessary to advertise with leaflets or QR codes, it is not necessary to touch anything, just by passing by the vicinity of the shops, restaurants,… the information reaches their Smartphone devices.

It is an innovative way to reach customers that will differentiate you from the competition and encourages users to share the advantages with their friends, reaching more customers.

It is the Mobile Platform of communication for the user, compatible all over the world

You create a good user experience, among other reasons, when it is fast, attractive, accessible and provides easy access to purchases or content of interest