Franchises and Associations

Customers cannot have an application on their mobile for every place, area or company they visit, it is crucial that they are offered different interests in it so that they do not refuse it, abandon it or delete it

From OK Located we provide you with the necessary technological services for the expansion and attraction of potential clients of the Franchise or Business Association, Open Commercial Centre, etc.


It is therefore important to be global in action with a single platform that is compatible in all types of establishments and in any population, without having to change the application as the customer changes location.

In the business world, those businesses that apply digital technology services differentiate themselves from the rest, achieving success where others remain stagnant.


This Platform is an excellent tool focused on the promotion of commerce, leisure and professional services; in an interactive way through Bluetooth and the customer’s Smartphone. Always in a close environment and with specific actions to attract their attention, making use of technology with a digital focus. This will be decisive in differentiating ourselves from the competition, transmitting our brand image correctly and reaching potential customers.

Global and Collaborative Actions for the reactivation of the Local Economy


This global tool is the best choice for any business grouping, it is compatible anywhere in the world and applies direct proximity marketing to potential customers. It brings together all the establishments with added value of the brand, increases its presence and positioning as a local proximity network.


Until now, to attract the attention of customers and get them interested in the products or services offered, the brand or the promotional offer, it has been necessary to carry out continuous and costly marketing campaigns in traditional media such as mailing, social networks, influencers, flayers, etc. These recurring expenses require a very significant advertising investment and must be continuous in order to have an effect.

Undoubtedly, by carrying out joint and grouped actions, these costs are diluted exponentially and customers will be grateful for it as they can have everything they are interested in grouped together on a single platform, which is not invasive and is compatible in all member establishments anywhere. It concentrates all the establishments in the area with added value of the brand and belonging to the local community, increasing its presence and positioning as another member of the proximity network.


The commitment to proximity marketing and interactive communication in the chains introduces your image and dissemination at the service of users through the websites, Facebook and Twitter on the OK Located communication platform. Gamification can be generated through games and competitions such as Gimkanas, cross prizes and Viralisation in RRSS, etc.

Ask us for a personal quotation budget, we will take into account the number of establishments to join the platform


It is essential to adopt new digital technologies and work from globalisation, not from the individualism of an exclusive App for the group of associated businessmen. It is necessary to take into consideration not only the investment in the development of a customised App and then the maintenance, but also how much we have to spend on a permanent basis on marketing campaigns to make the App known and get users to download it. Surveys and experience show us that users do not want to have an application for each area or place they visit and in many cases, even if they have the App on their mobile phone, they do not activate it due to lack of motivation.


A Global Mobile Technology Platform as a strategic action oriented to the development and use of information technologies can be easily adopted depending exclusively on the needs that each business association, commercial organisation etc. has and it does not depend on its budget, time and availability but on the creativity of actions focused on direct marketing or social communication and involvement of its members.

"Boost communication with your partners and reinforce marketing actions with our tool for sending instant messages of proximity, launching relevant information to customers, increasing competitiveness and productivity"

Ask us for a personal quotation quote, we will take into account the number of establishments to join the platform