The OK Located platform helps you to locate what you may have lost through a new generation Bluetooth smart device with a very small keychain size.


Locating the lost object in a nearby environment with your Smartphone is an easy task, but you can also locate it in a distant or unknown environment by means of the solidarity help that this platform offers you as a user. In a totally anonymous way you can generate a search alert to the community, really to their Smartphones, sending you the nearest user the geoposition of what you are looking for.


Everything is very easy through the Solidarity Platform to help you locate, for example, your backpack, keys, bike, bag, car, pets, etc

Help us to help you


Just by downloading OK Located you will be anonymously helping the whole community of users and they will be able to help you when you need it. It's that easy!


When a user passes near the lost object, they will send you its location anonymously, without them doing anything on their mobile and without knowing that they have helped you.


Download and use our application and benefit from various solutions at your service. It's totally FREE!!!

Free Download

OK Located Premium

Suitable for individual use, private use and to locate any object that can be placed. It is an easy to use model with a very wide range of coverage, coupled with a really small size. It has a standard button-type battery with a battery life of just over 6 months. It is not waterproof, although it is splashproof.

Typical uses: For any use. The limit is your imagination.

Range: Up to 40 metres range in optimal conditions. The distance will depend on the obstacles and the model of mobile device used to locate it.

Measurements: Size 32x32x6mm.

Its small size makes it easy to carry and use, with OK Located downloaded you can find everything that you have lost near you and if it is far from your reach you can always ask for help to the community so that whoever is nearby can let you know where it is.

OK Located Professional

Suitable for any establishment; businesses, shops, restaurants, hotels, etc. with a fixed installation. It is the ideal model for businesses and tourist entities as it has a very wide range of coverage, together with a really small size.

It has two standard AA batteries with an autonomy of 3 years. It is not suitable for submersion in water, although it is resistant to rain, thanks to its watertight joints.

Typical uses: For fixed installations in establishments. The ideal complement for any establishment that develops a commercial activity.  The free application for end customers or users makes it a very accessible product for any type of business or leisure centre.

Range: Up to 100 metres of coverage in optimal conditions. This distance will depend on the obstacles and the model of mobile device used for its location.

Measurements: Size 72x45x24mm

How does it work?